Scout Chaplain

The Archeparchial Catholic Committee on Scouting supplements the program of the Boy Scouts of America through the Religious Emblems programs and Camporees/Retreats for Byzantine Catholic Scouts. Eastern Rite Catholic Boy Scouts pair with Seminarians, growing their relationships with God and their Church.

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The purpose of the Archeparchial Catholic Committee on Scouting:

To give guidance and leadership in the spiritual phase of Scouting to all Byzantine Catholic Scouts and Scouters of the Archeparchy and, by extension, the Metropolia.

To encourage Scouts to earn their Religious Emblems, especially the Light is Life emblem as it is the only specifically Eastern Catholic emblem.

To enable the earning of the Religious Emblems by providing counselors and sponsoring Camporees and Retreats

To recognize distinguished service by Scouters through the Bronze Pelican and St. George Emblems